Friday, February 18, 2011

at samudera curry house .. [ alyn dumbo ]

yussyazlin nabila <3

Thank you reader's

Sunday, February 6, 2011

back to normal :))

im single ! :D

alyn suka bila alyn da bck to normal ! sebub sebelum nih rasa macam taley na go on dlm semua benda lhaa . mmg menyakitkan lhaa . STRESS ! tpy skg nih suma da okay ...
ehh ! tak tak ! tak suma y da okay . ada lgy . tpy biarkan . myb nty okay kott . kn ? 
*taley na btao apa y ta okay lgy tuh . hee

ahaa !  *comel kn munkeyy tuh  * C:  i crazy for you my dear .. haha ..
tpy tapeh .. its gonna be okay ... *maybe :)

Thank you reader's

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what should i do ?


my mind is very fibrous and i really need someone to understand me right now. i already made wrong decision . i had also been leaving the people i love . in some of day i just realized that i can in peace without him . im so sorry F . all this for our goodness :) but i didn't make the decision any longer . a few days i can't sleep because im always thinking about it . i afraid that i'll make the wrong decision for the second time . god ! pless help me .. i need you .. :(  i scared i will lost them .. the people i love too much !  

Thank you reader's